Paris is where the heart is.


Master of Ceremonies Full Evening Service

Experience the ultimate in Parisian elegance with my comprehensive Master of Ceremonies Full Evening service, encompassing both the ceremony and the full evening’s festivities. As your English-speaking officiant in Paris, I specialize in creating a seamless and memorable experience, starting with a bespoke wedding ceremony that captures your unique love story. But the magic doesn’t end there. As the evening unfolds, my role as Master of Ceremonies ensures a smooth and sophisticated progression of events. From the warm reception of your guests to the first dance, every detail is meticulously curated to provide an enchanting, all-encompassing celebration of your love. Let’s create a Parisian wedding experience that extends beyond the ceremony, making your entire day and night an unforgettable journey of elegance and joy.


Wedding Ceremony

Step into the romance of a Paris wedding, where I, as your English-speaking officiant, ensure a seamless and personalized ceremony amidst the grandeur of the city. With meticulous planning and collaboration, whether with you or your planner, every detail of your dream wedding will be brought to life. Embrace a ceremony that truly reflects your individuality, from bespoke vows to unique rituals like sand bottles or handfasting. Trust in my expertise to coordinate with your chosen vendors, creating an authentic, unforgettable Paris destination wedding. From luxurious venues in Paris to any location in France, your wedding will be a cherished, tailor-made experience.


Elopement Ceremony

Discover the essence of intimate romance with my exclusive Paris elopement ceremony service. Tailored for those who cherish privacy over grandeur, this service is more than just an elopement; it’s a celebration of your unique love in the world’s most romantic city. As your experienced Paris celebrant, I ensure every moment of your ceremony is unforgettable, from personalized vows to the magical ‘I do’. Whether you wish to share this moment with just each other or with a few close loved ones, every detail is crafted to reflect your story. After the ceremony, as you hold your signed wedding certificate, you’ll feel the depth of your commitment amidst Paris’s enchanting aura. And to ensure a ceremony that truly resonates with you, a detailed questionnaire helps me tailor this once-in-a-lifetime experience to your dreams, creating lasting memories you’ll cherish forever.


Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reignite your love in the enchanting City of Love with my bespoke Paris vow renewal service. As your English-speaking officiant in Paris, I am dedicated to transforming your vow renewal into an extraordinary celebration of your continued commitment. Choose a majestic Parisian landmark for your ceremony and together, we’ll craft an event that beautifully reflects your journey. Whether you wish to exchange rings or simply reaffirm your vows, each element will be tailored to your story. To ensure your ceremony captures the essence of your bond, a questionnaire will help me understand and bring to life your vision, creating a deeply personal and unforgettable Parisian vow renewal experience.