Who Should You Invite To Your Destination Celebration?

Guest List Considerations for Your Destination Paris Wedding

Coming up with a guest list for your celebration can be one of the most grueling tasks when you’re planning one, especially when it comes to a destination wedding. It’s this endless cycle of “if we invite this person, then we have to invite this one as well”. As it goes on, you end up with a guestlist with over a hundred people – and you were planning an intimate affair in the first place. Now, from my experience as a Paris wedding celebrant, a destination wedding in Paris tends to lean to the more expensive side. With that said, if you don’t have the budget to host a lavish celebration, you have to come up with alternatives, ultimately making you shorten your guest list. Therefore, I would like to provide tips when deciding who you should invite to your destination celebration.

Determining Event Size for Your Paris Wedding

Before you start planning your destination wedding in Paris, you need to determine the size of your event, i.e., how many people you would like to invite. For instance, an intimate celebration usually has a guest list of up to 25 people, which can typically be easy to pick out. On the other hand, if you consider inviting your extended family and friends, the guest list for your wedding in Paris can get up to 100 people. With that in mind, the more people you invite, the higher the cost of your celebration. In contrast, if you want to avoid all of the meticulous planning, you should highly consider having a Paris elopement. Here, it will just be the two of you, having the most exclusive ceremony!

Budgeting is Key

Coming up with a budget early on for your destination wedding in Paris is of utmost importance since it will show you how many people you can invite for your celebration. Moreover, you need to add up all the additional costs like the venue’s price, wedding vendors, and travel expenses, and only then can you start coming up with your guest list. 

Finalizing the Guest List for Your Paris Wedding

Once you’ve covered these two points, it’s time to make a rough draft of your guest list. You’ll want to start with your immediate family and closest friends.  Furthermore, you should invite your other family members like grandparents and cousins. However, this is where things can get pretty hectic. Keep in mind that if you extend invitations to all of your aunts and uncles, the size of your celebration will greatly increase. Additionally, you need to consider whether you want your destination wedding in Paris to be an adult-only event; If so, inform any guests with kids beforehand. Finally, don’t feel the need to invite people who invited you to their wedding years ago – if you don’t feel close to them, you don’t need to include them in your destination celebration. Once you’ve finalized the list, start making those invitations!

By following these tips, making the guest list for your destination wedding in Paris won’t be such a burdensome task. I suggest reading the rest of my blogs for more helpful elopement guides. Additionally, if you need my services as a Paris wedding officiant, feel free to contact me.

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