A Classy Gay Paris Wedding

One of the many things I love about Paris is that it never fails to tell a romantic story that makes you swoon – there’s a reason why it’s called the city of love! As a Paris celebrant, I’ve been part of many of these stories involving same-sex gay weddings, each of which has its own authenticity and uniqueness. 

What makes these events extra special is that they were in a city with no judgment towards all kinds of love – no matter the sexual orientation or how you identify. All love is love! That being said, I want to show you how you can have your own gay Paris wedding and make it an unforgettable occasion! 

A City with no judgment towards Love

Over the years, there have been many same-sex weddings in Paris, and every single one has its own beauty. Couples often choose Paris because of its intimacy. It is just the perfect place to say your vows and make your love official. 

Take this handsome couple, for example; J & T have decided to have their gay Paris wedding very early in the morning – just the two of them without all the extravaganza! The couple looked into each other’s eyes as the sun shined, just appreciating this once-in-a-lifetime experience. There were even some tears included, luckily the happy kind!

One of the favorite LGBT Paris wedding spots is the Trocadero. I enjoyed the moment of intimacy that was created as the couple was preparing to declare their love. They asked me to create a custom ceremony, one that would highlight them as a couple, ready to start an entirely new chapter of their life together. The heartwarming sound of the violin complimented the gay wedding ceremony. You couldn’t ask for a more romantic setting even if you wanted to!

An Emotional First Look

J & T also decided upon having a first look moment for their gay Paris wedding. And let me tell you – it was touching as ever! They both looked gorgeous dressed in white, adorned with crystal white roses. As they said their vows, these lovely gay grooms held their hands and looked deeply into their eyes. They just knew they would treasure this moment for the years to come! Once the ceremony was over, they popped open some champagne and started celebrating their life as a married couple.

I almost forgot to mention, we had some unusual guests at the ceremony! A group of ducks decided to stroll past the couple, which was quite a delightful moment!

Taking Our Breath Back...

It was a huge pleasure of mine to be a part of J & T’s LGBTQ wedding. I am really happy that they decided to include me in their love story, and wish them a lifetime of happiness and joyous moments! Paris has proved once again that it celebrates all kinds of love and bares no judgment when it comes to it. 

If you feel inspired by this story and think about having your very own gay Paris wedding, don’t hesitate to send me a message. Tell me your dream wedding ideas, and I’ll help you turn them into reality!

Photography : The Paris Elopement
Make-up Artist : Adèle Langlois
Florist : Be One Paris
Shoes : Bella Belle
Accessories : Hello Snow Flakes
Violinist : Rafael

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