What Does a Master Of Ceremonies Do? – A Day in the Life of a Paris MC

A master of ceremonies – or MC for short, plays an important role in the rollout of your evening. They are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone is having a great time! In most cases, couples usually pick out a friend that is outgoing and isn’t shy, but it takes more than that. As far as I know, being a Master of Ceremonies in Paris, you need an upbeat professional who knows how to handle the responsibilities of running the celebration. Let me what a Master of Ceremonies does, and how an MC can make your wedding an unforgettable experience!

As a Paris MC, I’ve hosted multiple weddings, each unique in its own way. My job requires me to keep things moving on time and in an appropriate manner, know how to handle the crowd, and keep the guests entertained at all times. These are just the basics, though. Since each nuptial is different, a professional master of ceremonies must cater to the newlywed’s wishes and tailor the celebration to their liking. I’m usually supplied with a list of speakers, so I have to meet all of them personally and give a little background information upon announcing them. A great host speaker in Paris needs to keep track of every speaker and entertainer, so it’s vital that they are good communicators.

In's & Out's & Secrets for a Great Party

As I stated, I offer MC services for all kinds of weddings – you only need to share your story, theme, and vision with me, and I’ll create a tailored experience just for you. Hit me up with a message, and let’s start planning! 

For this special Wedding, A & K wanted a smooth & relaxed atmosphere with their family and friends, so they filled up their questionnaire, we had some video meetings to talk things through, and off we were!

On that special day, I’ve worked with a very talented photograph duo, Kristina & Sofiane, you can check out their podcast episode of the Paris Wedding Show right here!

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