The Paris Luxury Experience

“The Paris Luxury Experience” is an epitome of elegance and exclusivity, as showcased in their upcoming podcast episode. Founded by the dynamic duo of Léa and Laura, this luxury agency specializes in micro-events in Paris, ensuring unparalleled expertise and focus on the city’s best offerings​​​​.

Léa, with her background in business and international law, and an MBA in luxury management, brings a sophisticated understanding of the luxury market. Laura, a seasoned professional in movie production and photography, complements Léa’s skills perfectly. Their combined talents create a unique blend of creativity and professionalism, making “The Paris Luxury Experience” a go-to agency for those seeking exceptional event planning in Paris​​.

In their podcast episode, Laura will delve into the intricacies of planning luxurious, intimate events in the heart of Paris. Their expertise in crafting bespoke experiences, be it proposals, elopements, or tailored events, shines through every project they undertake. Tune in to the episode to discover how “The Paris Luxury Experience” can transform your event into an unforgettable Parisian soiree, narrated with the charm and elegance that only Léa and Laura can provide.

In this episode of the Paris Wedding show, I had Laura Zorman with me, a Paris Photographer. She came back to the show to talk about her new upcoming venture The Paris Luxury Experience.

Check out their Instagram to connect, and also Laura’s Instagram page.

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