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Allie Chipkin: A Musical Maestro in the Wedding World

In our latest episode, we had the honor of hosting Allie Chipkin, a Brooklyn-based Folk singer and the creative mind behind Give Love Originals. Her venture uniquely blends her musical talents with the world of weddings.

Give Love Originals: Personalizing Your Wedding Day

Allie’s Give Love Originals specializes in transforming couples’ love stories into beautiful songs. This service adds a deeply personal touch to weddings, making each celebration unique and memorable.

The Art of Storytelling Through Music

Allie’s passion for storytelling shines in her music. She crafts each song to reflect the couple’s journey, ensuring that every performance is intimate and emotionally resonant.

Planning Ahead with Give Love Originals

Allie advises couples to book their personalized song at least a month in advance. This allows her to understand their story and compose a song that truly represents their bond.

Why Choose Custom Wedding Songs?

Custom wedding songs offer a unique way to celebrate love. Allie’s compositions at Give Love Originals are not just melodies; they’re narratives of love, commitment, and individuality, making the wedding day even more special.

Allie Chipkin's Musical Journey

Allie’s journey in music and her establishment of Give Love Originals demonstrate her dedication to enhancing wedding experiences. Her talent in creating bespoke wedding songs makes each ceremony unforgettable.

Listen to Allie Chipkin on our show to discover how Give Love Originals can enrich your wedding day with custom-crafted, heartwarming music.

Today on the show I had the pleasure to have Allie Chipkin with me, a Folk-singer based in Brooklyn NY, she talks about her carreer and more about her Wedding Business, Give Love Originals.

A reminder to book your song minimum a month in advance!

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