Is it easy to elope in Paris?

I often get the same question when they’re enquiring about my Wedding Celebrant service for their Paris Elopement : “Naïm, is it easy to elope in Paris?” so I decided to write an article for you to get more informations about this topic.

Tips to make your Paris Elopement easy

First, the most important is organisation and planning. We all know that Paris is the city of Love, and that is true also once you get there. But very often, couples are so happy to finally elope together in Paris that they tend to forget the other side of the coin : reality.

Reality, in this case, means that you need to surroung yourself by a team of professionals : photographer, videographer, hair & make up artist, wedding dress provider, florists…

I know, this can be very overwhelming and time-consuming, but this is very important for your well-being during your elopement day & ceremony.

“Work is what you don’t see” is a quote that makes a lot of sense when we talk about Paris Elopements.

What a future bride sees on Elopement pictures : great photos, amazing weather, empty places, and the intimate feeling of poetry when you got the impression of living in the moment.

Eveything is true.

Here’s what I also see : early morning preparation, traffic avoidance, too early for tourists and crows to show up in our Ceremony location (don’t forget, this is a public space most of the time!)

That’s the other part of the truth : reality!

This doesn’t mean that there’s no place for dreaming. But being surrounded by a team for your day is mandatory to make your Paris dream Wedding a reality.

Second, let yourself immerse by your vendors. Once you have chosen the right people to work with, let them craft a perfect experience for you. They surely know what they’re doing and are used to what’s best for you.

This is an important part.

Who would’ve thought you needed to wake up at 4am to get prepared in your hotel room in order to catch the sunrise and get the most amazing photos at the Eiffel Tower?

Once you get back home and show the pictures to your friends and family, these are the kind of details that are going to create the “WOW” effect that will make them think you’re so amazing!

Choosing your vendors for your Paris Elopement without stress

This is a big one.

As you can see, there are plenty of Wedding Vendors in Paris, ready to help you for your elopement in Paris.

Here’s what I think is best :

Most of the time, you can find Paris elopement packages from a lot of vendors.

Ignore this for now.

First, make a selection of vendors depending on what you need : photos/videos, dress, a wedding bouquet, and a celebrant are the bare minimum. But you can also add : vintage car rental, musicians for your ceremony, extra flowers, the sky is the limit!

Once you have your list, take over the Internet and list all the vendors by category, one at a time.

This is where the emotional part is playing a big role.

I take the most obvious exemple with Photos.

There’s some particular Paris photographers I actually LOVE because of the way their pictures look like. I could recognize their style from a mile away. I’m moved by the way they capture some moments.

For example, I was celebrating a couple’s union this summer on a boat.

Once we finished the ceremony, at the exact moment where the bride and groom were cheered by the deck and all their guests, suddenly another boat passed by the river Seine, and it was now another full boat cheering and congratulating the couple.

This was a typical Paris moment.

This is hard to capture.

That day, the videographer did it.

The final video still moves me to tears after this time.

Why is this story important? Because you need to “feel” that you’re in good hands.

I’m talking about photographers, but this can easily be applied to all the Wedding vendors in Paris.

You can make a list of your top 3 preferred vendors, and then balance your emotional feel with a touch of reality by checking the reviews of each.

That way, you’ll be ready to take a wise decision.



Before you go to Paris : Easy starts with preparation

We’ve seen how to dig deeply into full-research mode in an efficient way for your Paris Elopement to be easy.

Now it’s time to get in touch with vendors, book your day, and start to give them informations about you two and also your vision.

What do you plan for the day? Usually most elopement packages will include the Ceremony, along with a 2 to 3 hour photoshoot in the city. You will probably end up in an authentic café, order a typical French breakfast including Café & Croissant (obviously!)

This is a classic! But if you have something else in mind, you can ask your vendor, they will propose you other great options!

Also think about the style you have in mind for your day.

Do you want something casual, relaxed? Or maybe something more solemn? Communicate your vision to every vendor.

Is it truly important to get the best experience and result.

Also think about your stay as a whole.

Are you going to spend a full week in Paris? Or just a weekend in Paris before starting a full European tour? This is also important.

To make your Paris Elopement easy, talk with your partner to ensure you have common vision about it all, it will help you reach your goal.


Once you're in Paris : take it easy!

First, let the Jetlag hit you.

Don’t try to escape it or avoid it. It will hit even harder!

Once you both feel refreshed and relaxed, leave everything and take a trip to the City.

It’s your first time in Paris? Perfect.

Here’s my Parisian tip : get yourself lost in the City.

No plans, no phones, no maps.

Famous Chef Anthony Bourdain talked about it best :  “Walk a little, get lost a bit, eat, catch a breakfast buzz, have a nap, try and have sex if you can, just not with a mime. Eat again.”

This infamous description sums it best : Paris is more enjoyable and easy when you have no expectations and go with the flow.

This is also a good advice to make your Paris Elopement easy.


The Day before the Elopement : the game starts!

Your vendors will be in touch with you, and will provide you the last details for the coming day : usually a timeline and directions.

Take this opportunity to once again, relax and maybe take the time to write your vows (here’s some help if you need some inspiration!)

Why is this the best moment to do it? I always recommend the evening before because it’s a very emotional moment.

This is when everything starts to make sense : you’ve spent some delightful moments together in a different city, and now you start to emerge and see the best highlight of your trip coming forward : your intimate ceremony, a perfect Paris elopement made easy!


Your Elopement Day : time to enjoy

How to make your Paris Elopement easy? That’s what I tried to answer.

But the true meaning of it all is to enjoy the views with you love, share and create some unique moments together, and face the world with a different kind of union.

You’ll spend the best Elopement day, I’m sure.

Hit me up if you need some more insights and start to prepare your special day together!


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