Audrey Ametis Weddings – How to create a bespoke and luxury event through details and genuine listening

IIn a recent episode of the Paris Wedding show,, I had the delightful opportunity to converse with Audrey Ametis, a bespoke wedding planner known for her work in the UK and many other destinations. Audrey’s journey, which began in a Parisian residence, highlights some of the most underrated Paris wedding locations.

From Paris to Grand Ventures: Audrey's Beginnings

Audrey’s career in wedding planning began in Paris in 2007, where her first task was creating a perfect table plan. This early experience, influenced by her mother’s guidance, laid the foundation for her future in the industry.

Evolving with Time: Audrey's Expanding Portfolio

By 2010, Audrey had moved to the South of France, organizing a grand wedding near Nice.

Today, she and her team plan exquisite weddings in lavish hotels and castles, each event a testament to luxury and attention to detail.

The Foundation of Success: Audrey's Educational Journey

Before becoming well-known, Audrey thoroughly studied the wedding industry. She earned a certification from a leading UK association, honing her skills from France to Dubai, and eventually in London, where she established her distinctive brand.

A Boutique Approach: The Audrey Ametis Touch

Audrey’s boutique consultancy style sets her apart. She handles only a few weddings each year, focusing on meticulous attention to detail and a personalized approach for each client.

A Passion for Luxury: Audrey's Signature Style

Audrey’s affinity for luxury is evident in her lifestyle, which includes enjoying afternoon teas, spa sessions, and stays at renowned hotels like the Ritz London. Her goal is to provide this luxurious experience to her clients.

Why Choose Audrey? Expertise and Multilingual Services

Clients, including professionals like lawyers and bankers, trust Audrey for her expertise. Her ability to offer services in multiple languages makes her ideal for weddings in diverse locations like Rome and Dubai.

Her extensive network and legal insights make her an invaluable asset for planning a dream wedding.

Get in touch with Audrey today and start planning your day!

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