3 Wedding Etiquette Mistakes

It goes without saying that weddings nowadays have taken different forms, and some of them are quite far away from traditions. Considering the fact that couples want their love celebrations to be more personal and unique, making exceptions from the norms is normal and accepted. After all, there’s a reason why you’re planning a Paris wedding!

However, there are some wedding etiquette mistakes and rules that we cannot forget, no matter how obsolete they might sound to you. While it is absolutely okay to plan the day of your dreams, you still have to be considerate about certain details. 

In this blog, I have discussed the most common wedding etiquette mistakes couples tend to make on their big day. Hopefully, making you aware of them will help you avoid them and have the most pleasant day you deserve! 

Don’t Ask Your Guests to Pay for Anything at Your Celebration

Adjusting your food and drink options is normal and acceptable. If you want to stay on a budget or have a more laid-back Paris wedding, then it is certainly okay not to include all those traditional things that usually go on the menu.

Choosing the options you find suitable for your guests and your event is your own decision. Your guests cannot get mad at you if you have not considered ten types of wine or beer. After all, you can never find an adequate solution for every guest because people are quite different. 

However, a wedding day mistake you should avoid at all costs is asking your guests to pay for anything on your wedding day. You need to remember that these people have come to celebrate your marriage with you, and you are their host. This means that you are expected to take care of them. You can always make adjustments to the things you will offer on your reception and save money. But asking your guests to pay is simply the biggest wedding etiquette mistake you can make. 

Show Appreciation to Your Vendors

Another common wedding mistake is not treating your vendors properly. Even though you have hired them for their services, you must treat them respectfully..

They have indeed come to work, but you should not forget they are also people. So, ensure you provide them with food and drinks like you do for your guests. 

Moreover, do not forget to thank them for their services, and avoid bossing them around. They will work for you at the moment of your wedding, but that does not make you their boss. In other words, refrain from criticizing their work or getting into arguments if something does not go as planned. Instead, try talking to them openly and be discrete to avoid this wedding etiquette mistake.

You do not need a scene at your Paris wedding! 

Don’t Be Late for Your Reception

One common way to disrespect your guests is not appreciating their time, especially after the ceremony. Although all your guests have planned to stay a certain amount of time at the event, that does not mean you should leave them waiting for the party to start. Even if you have a cocktail planned before the reception, make sure to stick to your schedule. 

A little bit of tardiness is always forgiven, considering you are the hosts and have many bridal activities scheduled. Still, do not take this long break because your guests might get offended. Keeping them waiting means not appreciating their time, which is simply not okay. 

Taking into account some common wedding etiquette mistakes is a must. You need to show good manners on your big day, no matter how unconventional your celebration might be. Some things will be in fashion and considered a norm. So, ensure to follow the etiquette and give your guests the ultimate experience at your Paris wedding! 

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